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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Albert Enz enters the tool business.


Foundation of Enz Technik AG. The first headquarters is established in a small room in Giswil. Initial developments are in the area of pipe and channel cleaning.


Enz Technik AG enters the market of pipe and channel cleaning tools.


Founder, principal shareholder and owner Albert Enz draws up contract with his first employee.


First changes to his house and office.


To be able to produce more parts in his own firm, also the workshop is enlarged. The staff is now composed of 5 persons. During the following years the number of employees rises continuously to about 22 persons today.


The pipe cleaning market in Germany is booming. For this reason, a first branch office is founded in Frankenthal (near Mannheim): The Enz Technik GmbH.


As no representative with extensive network can be found in the USA, it is decided to set up a separate company: The Enz USA inc. is established. It offers working places for 3 persons. The Enz Technik AG offers for the first time a place for a trainee mechanic.


The subsidiary in Germany is handed over to Günther Sausgruber, the managing director of Enz Technik GmbH.
The Building of Enz Technik AG can again be extended. The whole administration and the construction office move into up-to-date, bright rooms.


More training places are created. The first female trainee can start her training in the administration. An additional polymechanic can start training in the production area.

1999 / 2000

The Workshop is enlarged yet again. The present production area comprises about 1000 m² plus 200 m² for office rooms.


Award form „Bilanz“, the leading Swiss economic magazine. Enz Technik ranks among the top 50 of the small and middle size enterprises in Switzerland.


The up-to-date plant is completed by two new machines, the Mori Seiki MT2000SZ and the Miyano BNF 16S.


Founding of  Enz Holding AG. The Enz Holding AG takes over all shares of Enz Technik AG AG, Enz Property USA and the Alben Immobilien AG. Albert and Heidi Enz are to 100% owner the holding.


Startup 2009of an additional eight-axis tooling CNC machine. Type Miyano ABX 65.


Extension of the workshop and office rooms.

New machine: Mori Seiki NT3200 (replacement of Mori Seiki MT2000 SZ). The machine has 9 axles, dual spindle and turret with 12 stations. Gantry robot with paternoster. Additional wie will optimize our storage capacity to arount 250m² with two fully automatic lean-lifts.


From over 100 companies of the central of Switzerland, Enz Technik AG has been selected to the 6 finalists.


Since 1st September we have a new corporate identity


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