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                                     Нека заедно да опазим водата на България!

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Leading Edge Attachments, Inc®

is a design leader and supplier of high quality attachments and quick change couplers for tractor loader backhoes and hydraulic excavators . LEA, Inc. is leading technology to advance productivity by developing highly productive patented tools such as the award winning SHARC(TM) Multi-Ripper (R), the Multi-Ripper Bucket , the Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket , the Talon Bucket, the DigNRip Bucket , the STAGTM Bucket , the Raptor Bucket , The StumpiranhaTM, the Multi-Ripper Rake , the Skid Steer Multi-Ripper , or the Multi-Ripper Tooth .  LEA, Inc. is also a supplier of other pin-on style backhoe and excavator attachments from Woods Equipment Company(R), makers of Wain Roy(R), Central Fabricators(R), Alitec(R), and Gannon(R) branded products, and high quality pin-grabber quick couplers.
All SHARC Multi-Ripper Products are made in the USA using HARDOX alloy steel .



As seen on the Discovery Channel's "Gold Rush" show as the "Bedrock Shark"

The below video was filmed by our associate in Mexico

LEA, Inc. At ConExpo 2014 Shown Below:

The below video was shot in Bulgaria, Rodopa mountain, near the town of Kardjali, a town that is in the middle of the mountains(Rodopa). The soil layer was around 1.5 meters and the rock(relatively layered) was 1.5-2.0 meters! The owner of the machine and the operator are stunned by the performance of the bucket and this is why this customer will purchase one bucket for his back hoe in order to replace his jack hammer for this machine!
The company is SAVARONA and the name of the owner is Erol Kasim.


The below four videos were shot in Bulgaria.

The below video is from our partners in Mexico - A great video showing the backhoe Multi-Ripper Bucket!

Please call us toll free 866-928-5800 to discuss your attachment needs, or visit your local equipment dealer



Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. is the design leader of excavator frost and rock ripper attachments. The company is a Massachusetts Corporation and has been showing steady growth designing and offering attachments and couplers for tractor loader backhoes and hydraulic excavators for the construction equipment industry since it was founded in January of 2002. Our sales and engineering facility located in Jefferson Massachusetts, and Hubbardston, Massachusetts is equipped with state of the art computer aided design equipment to quickly meet our customers’ needs. The manufacturing facility located in Central Wisconsin, is staffed with manufacturing experts knowledgeable in heavy fabrication and manufacturing techniques for the construction equipment industry.

At Leading Edge Attachments, Inc. we pride ourselves in being able to design and deliver high quality construction equipment that greatly increases the versatility of the backhoe or hydraulic excavator. Our couplers and attachments were developed by working closely with contractors to make product changes in order to satisfy their needs. Because of this working development, along with our many years of engineering and construction equipment background, we are able to design and produce the highest quality, most durable equipment available on the market. We realize that down time costs the equipment owner/operator time and money and as a result, we strive to provide products that do not fail. We continuously seek feedback and suggestions from our customers on ways to improve our products or ideas for new products that make the jobs quicker and easier for the equipment user with minimal maintenance and down time.




Address: j.k Mladost 4 bl. 449, Sofia 1715, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 (0) 2 846 78 67

Fax.+359 (0) 2 876 16 95

Cell: +359 (0) 884 835 163

Cell: +359 (0) 885 666 309