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                                     Нека заедно да опазим водата на България!

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Innovative designs and solutions used for Pipebursting, Swage
lining, Close Fit Re-lining and Cable insertions, have turned the
company into one of the major players in the No-Dig business.

Represented in most parts of the world, the Scandinavian No-Dig
Centre is not only known as a supplier, but also as knowledge centre
for civil engineers, municipalities and contractors using the

Original Scandinavian Design and tailored solutions have made the
well known System No-Dig Trade Mark one of the most popular
rehabilitation systems in the world.


Address: j.k Mladost 4 bl. 449, Sofia 1715, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 (0) 2 846 78 67

Fax.+359 (0) 2 876 16 95

Cell: +359 (0) 884 835 163

Cell: +359 (0) 885 666 309