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                                     Нека заедно да опазим водата на България!

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

KAISER mobile walking excavators

1976: KAISER X4
1986: X4M-TurboMobil
1991: TurboStar
1998: KAISER S2

For more than 40 years, KAISER has been standing for Top Performace in the development of mobile walking excavators.

What Josef Kaiser had started in 1965 with the development and production of the first walking excavator – the so-called MUK – KAISER as the technological leader has kept until now.

Those who have closely followed the mobile walking excavator industry in the past decades will know our milestones: KAISER X4, TurboMobil, TurboStar and KAISER S2. They had all been the performance standards of their time and were models for the entire industry.

What's top performance for us:

  •  Efficient power
  •  Sensitive hydraulics
  •  Optimum stability
  •  Heavy duty steel construction

Customer satisfaction and our customer's economic success are a central focus of our activities!

Our international experience of many years provides us with a thorough understanding of our customers' environment. In a cooperation based on mutual trust, we are developing application-oriented solutions which will provide you with crucial competitive advantages.



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